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Are you an educator looking to expand your horizons or learn more about literacy instruction? Our eye-opening sessions provide a rich knowledge base that can help you help take your teaching to the next level.

Our interactive educator training and development courses include a blend of theory and practice for effective and feasible implementation, and are customizable to fit your needs. Gain inspiration and re-energize yourself by cultivating new skills, and learning how to aid your students in the best way possible.

Individual Coaching

For English and Hebrew Literacy Educators 

Do you have specific areas of teaching that you are looking for assistance in? Are you looking to learn everything literacy, from the big picture down to the nitty-gritty? With coaching sessions you can get all your questions answered and be provided with personalized guidance and advice that pertains to your unique goals and specific background knowledge. 

Individual coaching sessions are great for both educators who are just getting started and for experienced educators who want to up their game and have the ability to improve their instruction for the most exceptional learners. 

Training for Hebrew Scouts Curricula Users

(Coming Soon)

The Hebrew Scouts curriculum is user-friendly and self explanatory, making it easy for educators to navigate and utilize in their classrooms.  

We understand that even the most intuitive curriculums can sometimes raise questions, and that’s why we are excited to announce that the Training Institute will soon be available for those who want to dive deeper into the Hebrew Scouts program. Our educator training will provide additional guidance and support for those looking to maximize the benefits of our curriculum for their students. 

Learn strategies and gain insight
to help your students reach their literacy goals.

Topics for Coaching & Workshops

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    We find that individual coaching is much more conducive to learning than group a course. We find that every educator has a different sets of goals, different background knowledge and their students face different challenges. In order to optimize learning, we want to plan your coaching session around your unique needs and interests.


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