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The Hebrew Scouts Mission

We have seen firsthand the impact that reading fluency has on a child’s academic, spiritual, emotional, and cultural well-being, as well as the pain and struggles that come along with reading challenges. Our mission is to make Kriah more accessible, and help all children reach reading success. We want it to be super simple and easy for teachers, tutors, and parents to get it right the first time so children won’t miss out on years of proper instruction, fall behind, or need remediation. Our goal is to put this incredible tool in the hands of educators so children can be successful from when they are young, and continue to be successful in all aspects of their Jewish life. Learning Hebrew doesn’t have to be complicated or painful. With Hebrew Scouts, we’ve made it into an experience that is fun, easy, meaningful, and enjoyable. 

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The Alef Bet Curriculum
by Hebrew Scouts

The Letter Lab curriculum sequentially and seamlessly integrates the many foundational components of Alef Bet learning. With memorable hooks, phonemic awareness, Hebrew vocabulary, handwriting and more, children will experience the pleasure of learning the Hebrew alphabet, not just as a means to Hebrew reading, but as an experience of itself. 

The Hebrew Reading Curriculum by Hebrew Scouts

The NikudQuest curriculum turns learning into an exciting adventure, with a cast of characters that take the children on quests and missions to explore the wonderful world of Hebrew reading. Students explore “Kriah Kingdom” along with the characters, learning how to read and understand the Hebrew language with enjoyable and meaningful applications. The curriculum uses beautifully illustrated guidebooks, readers, games, and supplemental materials which all work hand-in-hand for a comprehensive learning experience, all in a fun, engaging way.


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