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Is your child struggling with Hebrew or English reading skills? Falling behind in school? Felling hopeless and frustrated about reading and writing? We are here to help. 

Do you or child think alef bet or kriah is boring and hard? Are you feeling stuck? You are not alone! Let us help you navigate to make learning smooth, enjoyable and meaningful!

Do you need strategic help getting started with our parent friendly Letter Lab and NikudQuest units for Hebrew literacy? You can schedule a 75 minute Jumpstart Session. In this session we will explore your child’s individual needs, attempt to place them in a unit, and devise a promising pathway to success. This session can take place at our Brooklyn based clinic or on Zoom. 

Do you think your child may benefit from a more thorough clinical evaluation and intensive sessions for both English and/or Hebrew literacy? Schedule an inquiry call to explore if our services can meet your needs. 

Our services address the following learning areas: 

• Print awareness
• Letter knowledge with handwriting
• Phonological and phonemic awareness
• Word study: phonics, spelling, irregular words, syllabification, and morphology
• Fluency: accuracy, rate and prosody and selecting texts
• Vocabulary and language
• Comprehension: cross-curricula, across genres, including narrative, informative, poetic, and opinion texts with strategies for independent learning
• The writing process
• Speaking and listening
• Higher-order thinking skills
• Growth mindset


Assessing your child’s current level and struggles is a crucial step on the road to literacy success.

Hebrew or English Literacy Evaluation Includes:

1. Reading Screening: A comparison of your child’s scores on foundational skills to norm-referenced benchmarks to assess their academic level. 

2. Full Diagnostic Reading Assessment: An analysis of your child’s strengths, challenges, and interests in each of the sub-components of reading such as phonemic awareness, symbol imagery, alphabetic principle, word attack, accuracy and fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in order to create a customized learning plan. Following the evaluation, you’ll receive a written report and a one hour consultation where we will discuss and explain results as well as provide guided support in taking the next step of planning a tutoring route.


Working with your child, one-on-one, to overcome their obstacles with guidance, patience, and care. 

Individualized Learning:

Our private tutoring provides valuable one-on-one instruction as well as supporting books and materials for independent practice. 

To strengthen the connection between learning and real-life application and help build foundational skills, learners will have access to our personal curated collection of thousands of books in all genres and levels as well as an online e-classroom/library where they can complete weekly reading assignments and read books based on interests, level, and instructional needs. 

Private tutoring takes place at our fully equipped, beautiful literacy center.

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    We find that individual coaching is much more conducive to learning than group a course. We find that every educator has a different sets of goals, different background knowledge and their students face different challenges. In order to optimize learning, we want to plan your coaching session around your unique needs and interests.


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