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Whether you’re a seasoned educator or it’s your first time tutoring, you will love that we have ready-to-use lessons and loads of decodable literature to build strong reading skills. 

All of our materials and strategies are compatible with both the science of reading as well as the traditional Mesorah approach, making it the perfect teaching tool for all. If you are new at this, we got your covered. Our journey will turn you into an expert overnight, empowering you with the ability to deliver amazing lessons that have measurable success.

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Frequently Asked

Common questions

The Letter Lab Curriculum can be appropriate for ages 4+.
The worklets should appeal to ages 4-12.
You can check each product listing for precise readiness skills.

The NikudQuest Curriculum is geared for ages 5+.
Units 4-8 is geared for ages 6+.
You can check each product listing for precise readiness skills.

If children participate weekly or biweekly lessons and practice, the Letter Lab Curriculum is designed to take about one year.
The NikudQuest Curriculum is designed to take about 1.5- 2 years.
The curriculum is designed so children can progress at their own pace. The curriculum incorporates benchmarks to ensure children are mastering skills and laying a solid foundation before progressing. Some children may need some more time at each level. It is typical for the first two units to take about 6-8 weeks and the the remaining units to take about 4-6 weeks. Anyways, what’s the rush?


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